Gear and Equipment

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ARRL’s Online Store has a variety of items of interest to ARES/RACES operations.

Mike’s Electronics is our local area’s Ham Radio shop and supports ARES/RACES.

Broward ARES/RACES Officially Recommended Gear

A Reflective Vest (two options: a cooler-wearing mesh version or more durable version with pockets) is recommended for some assignments for safety and identification purposes. A hat is also available. Order direct from ARRL or visit Mike’s Electronics (see Vendors above) locally.

Powerpole Connectors


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The Anderson Powerpole is the standard 12 Volt DC power connector for Broward ARES/RACES, as it is for ARES/RACES organizations nationwide. The following are some of the more notable manufacturers and vendors of Powerpole connectors and accessories:

MFJ Enterprises
Quicksilver Radio

West Mountain Radio

Want to make custom cables but don’t want to buy the (somewhat expensive) crimper tool? Ask at one of our meetings and you’ll probably find someone with the tool who is willing to put the connectors on for you.

Label Your Gear

And consider color coding it, especially for items that can’t be labeled effectively.

Member Suggested Gear



From N1TY: At a deployment, have you ever used duct tape to secure cables to the floor to avoid a trip hazard? Tape a sign or one end of caution tape to a wall? Or any of the other hundreds or improvised fixes duct tape is famous for? The trouble is, duct tape doesn’t always stick well and usually leaves a sticky mess behind when removed, or worse, removes paint from a wall too! Professional photographers face similar issues, and they have a secret weapon: gaffer tape. It’s strong but tears off the roll easily, and sticks very well to almost any surface but comes off cleanly without damage. It’s a fantastic invention but usually fairly expensive. Amazon carries the Allstar Performance brand which is very good quality at a much lower price than I’ve seen for other brands. It’s available in black, yellow, red, and white. Throw a roll in your go bag and be amazed at how useful it is!