Broward ARES and RACES are twin organizations providing a corps of trained amateur ("Ham") radio operators who volunteer to assist in public service and emergency communications. Communication failures have been a defining part of natural disasters such as hurricanes, and even some human-generated events such as the September 11 attacks. Amateur radio provides a means of communication "when all else fails".

Broward ARES trains members for these duties, and provides volunteers before and after emergencies, as well as for public service events such as bike rides and the Winterfest boat parade. These public service events also provide us opportunities to practice our skills and test our equipment.

If activated by Broward Emergency Management, the group operates as Broward RACES, under the direction of county government, and provides radio communicators to staff shelters, the county Emergency Operations Center, and other locations as needed.

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Learn more about who we are, the difference between ARES and RACES as well as additional information about SKYWARN and CERT and how they are all connected.